OUMOS旅行箱榮獲 Reddot Award 2019


榮獲 Reddot Award 2019 

OUMOS旅行箱的造型靈感來自軍用的空投箱。 外殼由具有微結構的聚碳酸酯製成。 寬版鋁製框架設計強化了耐衝擊性。 360度靜音輪讓運行輕鬆自如。 內部的香氛含有天然礦物蛭石,可消除難聞的氣味,並具有行李箱內除濕的作用。


寬敞的 OUMOS 旅行箱體現了可靠性和穩定性。 此外,香氛更增添奢華氣息。

The shape of this suitcase is inspired by military airdrop boxes. The exterior is made of polycarbonate with a microstructure finish, which counteracts scratches. The aluminium frame en-hances impact resistance. The rectan-gular form of the case makes good use of the interior space, while 360-degree swivel rollers assure running ease. As an additional feature, a sachet in the interior exudes wisteria and peach blossom fragrances. The sachet also contains the natural mineral vermiculite, which eliminates unpleasant smells and has the effect of dehumidification in the luggage.

Statement by the Jury

The roomy OUMOS CONTAINER coherently embodies reliability and stability. Furthermore, the fragrance feature lends the case a luxurious touch.